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xwonlife2livexx's Journal
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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
11:35 pm
i think im broke my thumb if not i sprained it like a bitch .

this rain sucks fat elephant dick, it needs to snow soon so 1) i can snowboard and 2) i can waste all my money on foozball.

i hope your doing ok ........if you need anything you know my number and you know that you can call me anytime of the day.

i need a mofuckin hair cut !! BLAH

the WHS vs South jeff game was the shit, its prob the best game ive ever seen

im goin to the IHC vs. fulton , i hate most of the ihc kids , but theres a few who are alright , but i still hope they loose, but then im goin to chamount for wing night there around 630 if you wanan go let em knwo ill be bakc form there arounf 830 , just let me know.

but gnight for now

i got psychology in the morning !!! : )

Current Mood: okay
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
10:46 pm
this weekend was beat like all the other ones

today i put away my laundry and played some poker, and then went over to gordons aroudn 6 ish , then was chillin there till 730 then i went to hockey

i have a bad edge on one o my skates and i fell 2 times pretty good, but other than that i skated circles around all the guys.

i think i have like 12 days of classes left including finals till this semester is done, then ill have 3 weeks of from school and ill start refereeing hopefully starting the weekend after next

i made up my schedule for next semester during the week and ill have 18.5 credit hours which is .5 under the max you can take, and if you dont know what a credit hour means , its usually 3 credits a class , so im takign 6 or 7 i think , and my last semesters ive takin 12 credit hours, and that was kinda tough , so this spring semester will be tight.

im still trying to get through each day , but even though i dont feel to well now , im doing alot better than i was a month ago , so times healing me, hopefully all the way


Current Mood: okay
1:48 am
hotel partys were beat
today was my grandmas bday , so we went out to red lobster for her dinner, and ate some shrimp!!

the night was beat, a few partys , but nothing special

All dem days that I reminisce
About the way I use to kiss dem pretty lips
But as long as you happy, I'ma tell you this
I love you girl and you're the one that I will always miss
I love you, yeah

Current Mood: good
Saturday, December 4th, 2004
3:09 pm
hangin in there
i wish the hug could of lasted forever

fuck everyone and fuck you

Current Mood: blank
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
10:53 pm
slipping away
well i woke up today with no voice, but my throat felt alot better, and i slept till about 4 then layed aroudn drinkin tea and takin meds, im feeling realyl good tonight, just my voice keeps going in and out.

i didnt do to much tonight so far but its early

i went bowling with some kids, it was ok....


fuck everyone and FUCK you

Current Mood: sad
10:56 am
im sick as fuck right now, my voice went away and my throat hurts like a mother

played some poker at my house last night and i won it all big 15 bucks, ha

went bowling after then we all went to dennys areound 1 ish and then i came home and crashed casue i was almost dying form the damn cough i have

i think today ill sleep till liek 6 or 7 ish , and then if i feel ebtter then i might go out for the night with the crew.

fuck everyone and fuck you

Current Mood: sick
Friday, November 26th, 2004
12:51 am
read this all the way through please

Sew this up with threads of reason and regret
So I will not forget. I will not forget
How this felt one year six months ago
I know I cannot forget. I cannot forget

I'm falling into memories of you and things we used to do
Follow me there
A beautiful somewhere
A place that I can share with you

I can tell that you don't know me anymore
It's easy to forget, sometimes we just forget
And being on this road is anything but sure
Maybe we'll forget, I hope we don't forget

I'm falling into memories of you and things we used to do
Follow me there
A beautiful somewhere
A place that I can share with you

So many nights, legs tangled tight
Wrap me up in a dream with you
Close up these eyes, try not to cry

All that I've got to pull me through is memories of you
Memories of you

I'm falling into memories of you and things we used to do
Follow me there
A beautiful somewhere
A place that we can share
Falling into memories of you and things we used to do

i miss you ......... :(

Current Mood: crying
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
8:58 pm
turkey day was lonnnnnng
well i went out to massena way today , i went with gordon to his aunts and i was suppose ot stay till saturdya but the first hour i was there i wanted to kill myself it was sooooo boring, so i ate dinner there whcihc was real good, then i stayed till about 8 and then they took me and gordons dad home cause i didnt want to stay but gordon did , but fuck anyways

im hoem

so fuck everyone and fuck you

Current Mood: relaxed
11:45 am
turkey day!
its around 1130 and i was suppose to be up at ten and i wasnt and i have to leave by 1230ish and i havent even packed yet , so im fucked.

i should be gone for a few days idk , i think i will be back saturday hopefully.

my mom just bought a new car thats she has been wanteing to buy for a year or so now. i think its pretty phat , its a yellow monte carlo ss.

but thast all for now i guess
Happy Thanksgiving

fuck everyone and fuck you

Current Mood: okay
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
2:05 pm
christmas lights
well my computer crashed yesterday so i kicked and punched it and said every swear word invented to it, but it didnt fix it , so i did some shit and it still didnt work , so last night before bed i ran some program and i woke up and my computer is so freakin fast , but i lost all my songs anf pictures and all the other shit!! but it works so im happy

yesterday was aight , i plaid soem poker and halo 2 and then went to do some bowling. bowlign was aight , me and northrop rocked gordon , juddy and christina .

my dad just called me to yell at me about my college grades, i guess my mom found them out and caled him up , and she found out other things and my dad was kinda mad at me for how i slacked in college cause of what happened, he told em " there a dime a dozen" so dont let them bother you, theres a million girls out there so dont worry about just one.

but fuck im late for somethign so im out


fuck everyone, and fuck you

Current Mood: hyper
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
4:37 am
ok well today was full of alot of shit

first thing , in my bioligy lab we took eeryone blood pressure and did a EKG , which is a machine that reads your hearts electric currents, liek on the hospital shows where that monitor has a line and it goes up and down , well the teacher picked me for a example to show how to do it, and we got it all hooked up to me and the two times she read my hearts waves they were fucked up , so she thought it was the machine, so we thought nothgin of it, so i went in my group and we did them , and it stil showed mine fucked up, so she took concern to it and went to the bio office and theres a teacher there that is a paremdic who had a badass EKG machine , and he hooked up this lil pads all over my chest and arm , and then he did it , and it came out good , but he told me to breathe in deep , and he didnt notice it at first but my heart skipped a beat. so we got back into the room and my teacher looked at it and noticed the long heartbeat when i breathed deeo , and the paramedic looked at it and told me i had sinus arrhythmia ( idk if that is spelled right) , he said its not bad but when im older i might have to take blood pressure pills.

i got my referee stuff in the mail todya for hockey , so i can referre hockey games now whenever i want to and get mad cash over the winter!!!

peace out

fuck everyone and fuck you (cept lana)

Current Mood: good
Friday, November 19th, 2004
11:39 pm
fuck you
cinnamon toast crunch

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
4:02 pm
i want snow
bring the snow

i got a 80 on a organized crime test i took the other day , i withdrew form english 102, adn slept till 2 after my morning class.

godfather II is ym new favorite movie

i actually bought a decent hockey sitkc last night, it didnt even crak last night when i played . hopefully this one will last a few days.

i foudn out when im going to kentucky, it shoudl be new years eve or right before, i cant wait to gamble my ass of down there.

im doing okay today , im still blah blah blah inside.

peace , fuck everyone, and fuck you

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
1:29 am
i had a shitty day
i watched a tv show tonight , and on there this guy said something about being hurt, and getting over a girl he loved for years, what he said is exactly how i feel right now , and i almost cried when he was saying what he had to say , idk , things arent good for me still , i wish i could leave and just come back with all my bad feelings erased

what i need right now is just a damn hug, if you see me anywhere, even if i look like i felt like a million bucks the thing is , inside im hurting really bad , so right now even a damn hug will help me out......

i just need some friends right now i guess, ones that will be there for me till the end.


p.s. - i broke another hockey stick tonight!

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
5:48 pm
English 101 is for fags
i got a nice letter int he mail today saying " larry carlisle you have been kicked the fuck out of english 101 for plagerizing your ass off" fuck it i hate english anyways

Current Mood: drained
Monday, November 15th, 2004
12:01 pm
i want a fart can
idk ive been thinkin lately my car is to damn quit, i was goign to waite till the summer and i was goign to get a full catback exhaust adn headers and new cat, but i seriously cant wait that long to have my car not be quit... so ive been thinkin about slappin a fart can on the back of the cavy, but idk , i hate hwo they look , but i seriosuly cant stand quitness.

but anyways, the other day i bridged my amp and my subs are hittin a hell of alot harder now , but theres one freakin draw back , the amp heats up freakin fast as hell and turns off like every freakin minute, for one i knwo the amp sucks , but i dotn feel like dumping 800 bucks into a new one yet , wtf anyone out there got a amp they wanan sell for like 15 that is 500x2?

let me know

i got the new lil jon cd last night and its pretty sick , all you hear in my car is the damn bass, i havent hear one lyric yet when i listen to it cause the bass line on that cd is fuckin amazing..

i start up the fort drum league for hockey tonight , and im gonan beat some GI asses and break a few sticks, im averaging a broken stick everynight i play hockey, its starting to get a lil expensive damnit!!!!!!

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
7:14 pm
I just can't let this go
Real life ain't no fairytale
I just thought you should know
11:53 am
i love this weather
i had a lazy day yesterday , demar came over and i finished up installing his stereo for him , i think i did a nasty job( nasty meaning fucking bad ass) then i went over to my friend dariens house and got some late birthday presents from his fam ( funny shit). then i pretyt much staid home fr a few hours and watched some dvd's i didnt feel liek doin anything, megordon christina and judd went up to applebess fr some nasty food, then went out bowling were i shot a nasty 129 haah and i was just about to head out to carthage with some kids and meet up with aarika and then my dog decided to poop all over the kitchen , so the fuckin fat lady flipped her shit and decided to make me stay home and clean the kitchen at frekain midnight when i coudl of been gettin blasted up in carthage, FUCK THE fat lady oh before i forget my long lost buddy eddie amelio caled me up last night , i havent seen this kid in like a year , this kids my freakin idol . but me and eddie are gonna get fucked up next weekend at my dads , cant wait for that shit


peace out

Current Mood: Im here
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
10:41 am
before i went to bed last night i was up for a lil while just layin down thinking of everything.this past month has been all over the place for me , and ive done many things i havent done b4.Ive noticed what some people want out there and how some people are, whos two faced and whos real. Im not going to name any names, but you know who you are. Im just not liking it in this town anymore, all i see is everyone striving to hit up a party every night and get there brains blasted away from drugs, i mean partys are great but there boring after to many of them. my mom is letting me go to kentucky right after my semester is over, im hoping going there will help me out , and try and just have fun , since ill be with my sister ill know ill be good down there.

life goes on .
im just not doin to good , im sorry im stil really hurt that your gone, but just give me some time and ill get better i hope..........


Current Mood: lost
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
9:56 pm
even though me and you havent talked for maybe a week or more, idk im stil finding it really hard to get through everyday. I see you got yourself a new bf, thats great i guess, but i still wake up feeling your still mine in the back of my mind, but the sad thing is your far away form being mine , i relaize im very hurt, and its really tough to get over someone i loved for 2 years..... i guess i just dont know how to do thigns without you here....

sometimes i miss knowing someones there for me

i miss the person i loved, shes dead now , and i dont know how to go on

im still really scared, and im just sick to my stomach all the time ,

i hope your doing ok

Current Mood: worried
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